Glorifying Garden Gloves

Many gardeners believe garden gloves are easy to do without. Those of us who love gardening enjoy the feel of soil running through our fingers, and we don’t mind the line of dirt under our fingernails. We prefer to not have anything impede the dexterity needed to sow small seeds or pinch a plant, and we like the textures of the plants we cultivate. We would rather spend our budgeted gardening dollars on the latest herbaceous sensation rather than unnecessary gloves, and, frankly, nobody likes sweaty hands.

Why Gloves Matter

Despite the prejudice against covering our hands, gloves are the single most important piece of garden clothing that a person should own. In addition to the fact that they come in every color and pattern under the sun, making them an attractive and matching accessory to your garden wardrobe, garden gloves provide many benefits, such as…

  • Improving your grip on tools, minimizing accidental drops that can damage expensive tools.
  • Keeping hands warm in cold weather so we can garden in comfort even in early spring or late fall.
  • Keeping hands dry in wet weather to prevent skin irritation and problems that could limit our gardening.
  • Preventing contact with animal waste that may carry bacteria, mites or other pests that could harbor diseases.
  • Helping avert calluses and blisters that can make even simple gardening tasks painful and unpleasant.
  • Protecting hands from cuts, splinters and thorn pricks from aggressive plants so we aren’t limited in our gardening choices.
  • Preventing contact with poisonous plant oils that cause rashes and allergic dermatitis.
  • Keeping nails clean and help prevent nail breakage so our hands can be as beautiful as our garden.
  • Protecting from soil borne fungal and bacterial infections that could be spread around the garden easily.

With so many great reasons to use garden gloves, which ones should you choose?

Selecting Gloves

Gardening gloves come in an almost limitless array of colors, styles and patterns. Features may include…

  • Different types of fabric or weave densities that affect air circulation to keep hands cool and comfortable
  • Anti-slip grips or rubber palms and fingers for excellent traction in all types of gardening conditions
  • Broad, wide cuffs for an easy fit or snug, form-fitting cuffs for a secure fit that won’t let in any dirt or debris
  • Different sizes and proportions to suit men, women and children

With so many gloves on the market there’s a style available for every garden chore, season, weather condition, hand size and preference. Check out our selection today. We are happy to help you choose a pair or two that work best for you and your gardening needs.